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Remington Model 700-721-722-725-40X Alloy Light Weight Ring Base Combination (xxx700 series) - store.TalleyScopeRings.com - 1

Remington Model 700-721-722-725-40X / Bergara B-14, Franchi Momentum, Nosler (6-48 screws) Alloy Light Weight Ring Base Combination (xxx700 series)

$ 58.95

for receivers drilled and tapped for the standard 6-48 screws (most common)

34mm version only available in Medium and High 

heights, measured from the closest contact point at the receiver to the bottom of the ring cradle

extra-low .300", low .400", medium .500", high .600", extra-high .700"

Extended rings:  moves the front ring 1/4" closer to the rear ring than the non-extended version....