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FAQ / Ring Heights (frequently asked questions)

1 a.   Ring Heights are measure from the closest contact point at the receiver to the bottom of the ring cradle.  The following rules apply to most, but not all, of our rings: (Front Rings) Extra Low .300", Low .400", Medium .500", Extra High .600 inch.  In some cases, like for example, the Browning A-Bolt add .05" to the above heights.

The rear ring height will depend on the configuration of the receiver.  If your rifle has a parallel receiver then the rear ring will be the same height as the front ring.  

In the case of steel bases most are .175" in height.

Also see FAQ #7 below

1. Non Extended vs Extended Front Mounts : The extended mounts, with very few exceptions, allow the user to bring the front mount closer to the rear mount.  This is useful if your rifle has a long action and a scope with a shorter main tube

2. Which screws go where?   When all of the screws that we provide are protruding from the bottom of the scope mount or scope base  by the same amount then the screws are in the correct order.  As per example, when all of the screws are protruding from the bottom of the base by 1/8 inch.

Are the screws included?  YES... Our scope mounts come complete with all the screws that are needed to install your scope mounts.  Torx head screws are supplied along with a torx head wrench.  Yes we do sell extra screws on our on-line store.

3. Yes rings and bases come in a complete set of two, unless it is a one-piece base...   

4. Who pays for shipping if the scope mounts are too low (or too high) for your satisfaction?  Answer: The customer does.  Unless the error is on our part and we shipped you low mounts when you ordered medium mounts. etc. 

We can make recommendations if you ask but there are just too many variables to consider to make guarantees.

5. 8-40 receiver screws: they are larger than the standard 6-48 screws found on most rifles.  If you aren't sure contact me and i will assist you.

7. Heights -- to the nearest thousandth of a inch -- of steel rings, steel bases and Alloy Mounts are found on this file:  Talley Mfg Retail Price List August 2015

Ring heights are measured from contact point of the receiver to the bottom of the ring cradle, base heights measure from contact point of the receiver to the lowest point where the ring fits into the base cradle.  Tactical rings are measured similarly but to the center of the ring.

8. Yes Indeed, our Alloy Light Weight Ring Base Combination ARE strong... the stuff aircraft are made of - 7000 series alloy.  They save on weight, are very economical and they are corrosion free under normal condition... Simple yet brilliant design - the base and lower portion of the ring is all one unit. So fewer parts to work loose. They are by far our best selling items, and are rapidly gaining in popularity.

9. RING HEIGHTS: are normally measured from the contact point of the receiver to the bottom of the ring cradle (see item number 7 above for a list of all the ring heights)

Ring Height Selection Guide (see below) - please call us if you need assistance 907 444 5751

We do NOT guarantee these guideline as there are too many variables to consider.

for Alloy lightweight scope mounts -

Low Mounts for 1 inch scope tube with scopes up to a 40mm objective.... for 30mm scope tube - for scopes up to a 44mm objective lens with a sporter-weight barrel

Medium Mounts 30mm scope tube - for scopes up to a 50mm objective lens if your rifle has a sporter-weight barrel. 

High Mounts  1 inch scope tube for scopes up to a 50mm objective lens if your rifle has a sporter-weight barrel.   30mm scope tube for scopes up to a 56mm objective lens if your rifle has a sporter-weight barrel

Extra-High Mounts  1 inch scope tube for scopes up to a 56mm objective lens if your rifle has a sporter-weight barrel.   30mm scope tube for scopes up to a 56mm objective lens if your rifle has a has a heavier contoured barrel

Heavier contoured barrels and varmint weight barrels may require you to go one step taller.

Steel rings with steel bases are normally taller in each category, so you can usually go one step shorter.

How to calculate scope mount height using math -

Determine the outside diameter of your scope's objective bell housing, subtract the scope tube diameter, divide that number by 2, consider the amount of step down where the objective lens will be positioned once the scope is mounted, and consider room for lens covers.

10. Mounting and Assembly Instructions for Fixed Rings and for Detachable Rings ..... Unless your rifle has a parallel receiver then the base mounting screws normally come in two different lengths, the longer screws normally go with the rear base or mount and the shorter screws go with the front base or mount.  We sell additional screws on our online store.  

11. We offer Torque Guidelines, but we do not offer torque recommendations because there are just too many variables to deal with.  "Good and tight by feel" is a good rule of thumb.

YOU are responsible for your own gunsmithing practices. All too often some individuals over tighten and snap screws.

Guidelines: 6-48 receiver screws: 15-17 inch-lbs, 8-40 receiver screws 18-20 inch-lbs.

For the Talley Lightweight Alloy Mounts 15-17 in-lb for the cap screws.

Talley Premium Fixed Steel Rings bottom 10/32 screw 30-35 in-lb, top screw 15-20 in-lb.

Detachable rings: large bottom screw 35 in-lb, small bottom screws 30 in-lb, top screws 15-20 in-lb.

If you use a thread locking adhesive then we suggest that you use a NON-permanent formula.

Crossbolt on our picatinny / tactical rings 65 inch-lbs 

Talley mounts come with torx head screws so we recommend that you use a good torx head screw driver found commonly at most hardware stores.  If you use a torque adjustable screw driver then make sure that it is correctly calibrated.

12. Returns / Refunds - Yes, you can return an item(s) within 30 days of the purchase date for a refund but those items must be in new condition, they can't be altered or in used condition. Knives are subject to a 20% restocking fee.  You can exchange an item(s) or get store credit up to 60 days from the date of purchase. The customer is responsible for paying any associated shipping costs UNLESS the error is on our end.  The customer is not refunded the actual shipping and handling cost which is normally $11.50 for a set of scope mounts. Also returns are subject to a 3% restocking fee due to credit card merchant fees that we are charged for transactions.  The customer is only refunded for the purchase price of the items purchased, less the amounts as mentioned above.

13. Yes we give Discounts, see the Discount Codes link on the left hand side of the page.  To get the discount you MUST apply the discount code in the appropriate field during checkout.

14. Customer Referral Program .. YES, you can earn additional discounts for referring customers to me.  Contact me for details.

15. Credit Cards, YES, we Accept All Major Credit Cards through this store. 

Charges will show up as: HuntAmerica.com, LLC  on your credit card statement.

16. PayPal, Yes, you can pay by using our PayPal Express Checkout Option

17. Contact Info: Phone: 907 444 5751 voice or text msg,   E-mail: scoperings@gmail.com

Marshall Talbott - Manager, TalleyScopeRings.com, PO Box 4116, Naples, Maine 04055

18. Return / Exchange Instructions: If you should decide to return a set of scope mounts then the item or items must be returned within 30 days from the delivery date of your order.  Items must be returned in unused condition and not altered or damaged in any way.  Items should be returned in "as new condition". We will deduct our actual shipping and handling cost which is usually $11.85 from the refund. We may also deduct a 5% restocking fee unless it is an exchange for a similar item and then we will waive the restocking fee. 

Call us at 907 444 5751 if you should need to exchange an item.

We recommend that your return should be shipped by a method that allows it to be tracked.  If doing a return or an exchange the customer is responsible any associated shipping costs unless we shipped you an item other than the one you ordered.

See the example below which shows where and also provides an example of the note that should be included with your return. 

" Order 0001 - John Doe - Requesting Refund "   OR  " Order 0002 - Jane Smith requesting an exchange for medium rings instead of the enclosed low rings" 
Returns for a refund or for an exchange should be sent to the following address: Store.tallleyscoperings.com, Attn Returns, PO Box 4116, Naples, Maine 04055.