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Browning / Miroku 1885 High Wall, 1885 Low Wall, and B78 - Steel Base -- 252885 (Low Wall), 252886 (High Wall), 252764 (B-78) - store.TalleyScopeRings.com

Browning / Miroku 1885 High Wall, 1885 Low Wall, and B78 - Steel Base -- 252885 (Low Wall), 252886 (High Wall), 252764 (B-78)

$ 105.95

This base works with Talley Premium Steel Scope Rings

a) 252886  - for High Wall with Octagonal Barrel or B-78 with Octagonal Barrel
b) 252885  - for Low Wall with Octagonal Barrel
c) 252764  - for B78 w/round barrel, and High Wall with Round Barrel
Available in Glossy Finish only

This base is the Gold Standard Base for the Model 1885, nothing else comes close.

Note: Browning made several versions of the B78 with the Octagonal Barrel and perhaps with the Round Barrel as well .. Our base is made for the most common of these versions.  We are not responsible for refunding any of the shipping costif you should decide to return the base because it doesn't fit your rifle. Some customers have shimmed the front of the base in these situations.  That being said we still believe that this is the best scope mounting option for the B78

Made to work with genuine Browning / Winchester 1885 rifles

Visit winchesterguns.com for more information if you have questions about your particular rifle.

Most customers buying this base most commonly choose the fixed steel rings in medium height  -- G100004 (Fixed Steel Rings, 1 inch, Medium Height, Gloss Finish) ... Also works with 30MM and Quick Detachable Premium Scope Rings

Normally the Medium height allows enough clearance for their thumb to get between the scope's eye piece and the hammer spur.

Installation of base: please note that the front and rear of the base needs to be tightened down evenly, when this is done the front part of the base (barrel end) will snap into place. Some customer's have had issues with having a gap under the front of the base and normally the problem is resolved when the base is tightened down evenly.  When properly installed, there should be no gaps under the front or rear of the base whatsoever.

Screw down the rear of the mount first it will raise up the front.  Need to ensure the mounting begins in the front (lightly screw in the front two screws) attach the rear two screws and torque them to no more than 25 inch-lbs then go back and torque the front screws to the same. 


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