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Remington Model 700-721-722-725-40X Alloy Light Weight Ring Base Combination (xxx700 series) - store.TalleyScopeRings.com - 1

( 20 MOA ) Rem 700-721-722-725-40X, Christensen and Bergara - Alloy Light Weight Ring Base Combination (xxx700LM / xxx700SM series)

$ 80.95

for receivers drilled and tapped for the standard 6-48 screws (most common screws). 

These mounts can be drilled out for the larger diameter 8-40 screws on request.

Contact us if you have any questions (904) 444 5751 or scoperings@gmail.com

Short Action refers to 308 Win class length actions

Long Action refers to 30-06 Spgf class length actions

These mounts can not be rotated 180 degrees as the taper on both the front and rear mounts has to taper downwards towards the muzzle end of the rifle.