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Winchester Picatinny Base for Model 70 (.860) Standard Caliber and Short Mag - store.TalleyScopeRings.com

Picatinny Base for Winchester Model 70

$ 69.95

For .860" (rear hole spacing) standard and short mag hole spacing between receiver holes 2 and 3 (the closest holes on either side of the ejection port ...

Long 3.8" PLx252702, .....

Short 3.5" PSx252702, .......

Short (Pre-2009) 3.25" P0x252702

Rear Hole Spacing .860" (Short action) 308 win length actions / (Long action) 30-06 Spgf length actions /

Rear Hole Spacing .330" (Magnum action) 375 H&H length actions and other African Magnum Length Actions

Comes with four 6-48 mounting screws and torx head L wrench... can be drilled out and supplied with 8-40 mounting screws on request.

I realize this can be confusing so email me at scoperings@gmail.com if you need help sorting this out